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About Jetwarehouse

For years, Jetwarehouse Inc. has been helping customers worldwide to select the best envelope machines the market has to offer.  Whether you are a small start-up company, an existing printer, mailer, or envelope manufacturer that wishes to upgrade, or simply need to sell your envelope machines, Jetwarehouse Inc. can help.

We sell and lease used envelope printers that we have carefully rebuilt, and when we install them we back them with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. We also have envelope printers in "as is" and "checked" condition. If you have a used Halm Jet Press for sale, we are interested in buying it.

We sell and buy envelope making machines manufactured by Winkler+Dunnebier, F.L. Smithe, Diemond, and Rotovac.

Please email or phone 404-542-7171 so we may help you.

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Envelope Printers

Jetwarehouse proudly sells and leases used and rebuilt Halm Jet Press Envelope Printers (1, 2 and 4 color) for customers wishing to print finished envelopes. A Halm Jet Press lets you print envelopes in wet offset, at quantities up to 60, 000 envelopes per hour. We favor Halm Jet Press Envelope Printers because Halm is the leading printer manufacturer in the world producing a very high-quality envelope machine.

Our rebuilt and used envelope printers cost much less than new printers but perform comparably. Our rebuilt printers are stripped apart, and the bare frame is cleaned and painted. We replace chains, rollers, bearings and pumps with new parts. Wiring and electronics are reworked and checked. When we install our rebuilt enveloper printer, we back it with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

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Envelope Making Machines

Jetwarehouse Inc. sells and buys envelope making machines made by the German manufacturer Winkler+Dunnebier and their American counterpart F.L. Smithe.

Envelope manufacturing machines can produce more than 1000 envelopes per minute. Machines are available to produce small, medium or large envelopes, straight seal flaps, mailing wallets, inner and outer side flaps, envelope windows, and seal flaps with moistenable gumming, pressure sensitive gumming, or seal-sealing flaps.

Call for our advice to learn which envelope machine is your best choice to meet your printing needs and budget. We have rebuilt envelope machines the come with our 90-day warranty and installation, as well as others in "as is" or "checked" condition.

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